Free Blank Printable Invoice Template [Excel, PDF, Word]

Before moving forward on learning how to create an invoice and getting a sample invoice template let us, first of all, know a little bit about it.

How To Create Invoice

An invoice is not more than a commercial document issued by businesses to indicate a transaction; one can request payment for the services or product provided. In today’s world, there are certain expectations about how we speak up about money.

The invoice is a powerful communication tool that ensures payment promptly, and also leaves a good impression on clients and also sets the stage for long-term relationships. This guide of the invoice template will discuss each and everything you need for knowing about invoicing, and why this is important to get it on right. We will provide you a sample invoice template for reference.

How To Make An Invoice In Word

  1. Click at File on the command ribbon and then click on New. Enter the word “invoice” in the option of “Search for online templates” field and then simply press “Enter” to make up the gallery of various invoice thumbnails.
  2. Select for the preferred template thumbnail for enlarging it in the preview window. Click on “Create” to copy the template of the invoice into a new file of the word.
  3. Click on the preferred field for updating the data. Like, click “Name” and then enter the name of your customer.
  4. Edit the given template with commands at the Word ribbon and then Table Tools ribbon. Like, click at the “Design” tab on the Table Tools ribbon and view for options in the Table Style or group of Table Styles. The Table Styles group will feature a gallery of various tables in different colors. Keep your mouse over a thumbnail to preview the effect on the template and then click to update the color of your invoice.
  5. You can save this Word document file with a new name according to you.

How To Make an Invoice in Excel

If you are a company which plans to extend credit to your customers, you will have to become familiar with the invoice generation concept. As it is time to generate invoices for sending to your customers, you can also make this process simpler by using the given templates in Microsoft Excel.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel and click on “File” then “New” to open the dialog box of “New Workbook.”
  2. Scroll down to the option of “Microsoft Office Online” or name the section, which is located at the left-hand side of the appeared dialog box. Click option of “Invoices” to locate the varieties of invoices that you can use for your small and big business needs. Connection to the Internet is most necessary.
  3. Sort through the invoices available–you have necessary product invoices as well as forms for specific types of services to choose from it. Click one and then select “Download” to display it in the Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Fill out each field of the invoice that requires a custom entry. It includes your company name, address, logo, customer ID number, payment terms and the official name of a payee to receive the check payment.
  5. Click “File” option and then “Save” to save the new custom invoice template to a folder at your computer. Next, name the model by the customer’s name–for instance, like one of your customers is having ABC Company, you can call the file like as of ABC-invoice template.
  6. Now, fill out the various details within your invoice template and then including a description of all products you delivered with the new invoice number, updated terms, due date along with the mailing address of the customer. Every time you will fill out the template for an original invoice to the company, you can add the unique invoice number to the new file name and save it to your computer folder.
  7. At last, print the filled invoice and mail to your customer or convert it into the PDF format by using PDF conversion software and you can also email it to your any customer.

Free Printable Invoice Format

If you are running any small business, then you need to create invoices quickly and efficiently to bill your clients. For your convenience, we have worked very hard to make free printable invoice templates which are going to be the perfect choice for your business. We make it very easy for you to fill out and easily print the invoice without any problem whenever you need. Getting the right invoice for your small business is necessary. In most of the chances, Generic invoices may not work as they might include categories of information which are of no use. Apart from this, you will want to check out the printable invoice format that will work well for your small business. Now, we are going to provide you different templates from which you will also get the format of writing an invoice.

Free Invoice Template Word

Word is one of the best document formats in which you can simply create an invoice for your company or business. We have also provided you the way of creating the invoice in the word. Apart from this for your ease we are here also providing you the free invoice template in the word file so that you can simply download and print the files without any effort.

Format of Invoice Format Excel

Excel is another format of the file in which you can keep your documents and it is also a good idea to make an invoice in excel file as it will help you in keeping all your customer’s record in the soft copy format or in your computer. We are here also providing you the free of cost format templates of invoice in the Excel spreadsheet.

Printable Invoice Template PDF

PDF is one of the best ways in which you can keep your documents as it can not be edited or no one can make changes in your file. We are here providing you the printable sheets of invoice templates in the PDF format so that you can simply download the file and print it.

Invoice Template Google Docs

You might have heard about Google docs as it is the most trendy concept. In it, you can simply keep your documents in the Google or can also create your invoice in the Google documents so that they will remain safe and secure. We are here also providing you the invoice template Google Docs.

Free Blank Invoice Template

These free blank invoice templates are simple and easy to send any professional looking invoice to your clients. Just download the file, and you have to fill out the customizable fields in the given area. Then you are fully ready to email or either print your invoice.

This printable invoice works perfectly for any standard printer paper. These templates are completely free a blank invoice template is ready to send to clients, fully customizable, Professional format with all essential invoice elements and Printable Invoice.

Free Simple Invoice Template

There is no reason that why billing should be this much complicated. You can download the simple invoice template from our website without any fuss. It is possible that you might be struggling for creating invoices yourself, or thinking of hiring an accountant or any invoicing service. With the free simple invoice template of our website, your work will become very easy.

Commercial Invoice Template

The commercial invoice is not more than an international shipping document which is provided by the supplier to their customer by detailing the type and the values of goods you sold them. The commercial invoice is one which is used by the customs to determine the duties. It is a bill for the products purchased from the seller by any buyer. We are here providing you the commercial invoice templates which can be used very quickly.

Freelance Invoice Template

Freelancers are having a tough time finding the perfect templates to bill for their work which they’ve completed. We understand this situation, and we have developed a better way for you with which you can conveniently create any freelance invoice template so that you can bill your work without even thinking about the type of work you have done. In this section, we have given you the freelance invoice template completely free.

Service Invoice Template

Our free service invoice template was explicitly designed for consultants, service providers, and other small businesses. Our collection now contains many different designs. The necessary invoice is useful for listing description and an amount, and we have other plans for service providers that charge based on hourly rates. If your business sells and ships products, you may be more interested in our service invoice template.

Sales Invoice Template

Sales invoice templates are designed by keeping the small business owners in mind. It is a straightforward, professional and entirely free solution for invoicing the customers or clients. Our service invoice and the sales invoice includes all shipping information and allows you to specify the item number, quantity, and unit price. All calculations will be done for you, and you can also determine the tax rate, shipping, and handling, or other fees. We are here giving you the various sales invoice template for download.

Proforma Invoice Template

The proforma invoice is just a document which is issued to the seller, exporter, buyer, importer or to confirm the intentions of the buyer for purchasing the order. It is completely different from a purchase order, in this condition the purchase order is issued by the buyer to the seller. In this section, you can easily download the Proforma invoice template without any efforts and charges.

Contractor Invoice Template

If you are having the work of a contractor, then in this situation making invoices will be a regular part for the business routine; either it is for the individual users or companies or other contractors. You can easily download the below readily available contractor invoice templates which are free and get the best of invoices which will be made quickly just with a combination of templates. These contractor invoice templates are going to help you in writing any invoice or by using them directly without having second thoughts.

Contractor Invoice Template

Business Invoice Template

After completing a job or project, it is the best time to get compensation for your work. Just like of every business transaction you may be having a contract, and you need to have the bill for each. By using the business invoice template of our website, it will become easy to send detailed business invoices which will cut down confusion and get you the correct payment. When it comes to the mode of payment for transactions, you should be familiar with invoice receipts, and it states the cost of the operation. If you have a small business, then I think you might want to use the template which can give you more options to use.

Auto Repair Invoice Template

It is a complex task to have an auto repair invoice. It requires multi-tasking and organization skills. Inputting up a business, to prepare an invoice is an added duty. It will take more than one person for handling all this work. If you are wishing to get the auto repair service and wants a budget-friendly solution to bill your customers, then you can easily use our Auto Repair Invoice templates which are free of cost. You can create your invoice in Excel which will allow you to get the totals easily and calculations of tax for you.

Xero Invoice Template

The use of Xero is in the fields of custom templates to populate PDF documents by using the transaction details. If the default template doesn’t include entire information then you need to show or insert additional fields to your template. See a list of the available tracks to help decide which ones you can add to your template. These are one of the best templates to use when you do not find any relevant invoice then in such a situation it will be helpful to use Xero invoice template.

Rent invoice Template

Landlords are one who wants an easy way to invoice tenants related to the rent and keep track of their finances and may want to make a rental invoice. You are free to create a custom invoice for all your tenants and can send it to those any time when you want to send any notice about the rental payments of your house. We will make it easy for you so that you can create the perfect invoices. We are providing you easy templates for your invoice.

Tax Invoice Template

For all kinds of jobs and small businesses, you may be having a corresponding tax which must be paid, and it depends on the income and salary which is generated at the end of the year. It often appears in the way of the balance sheet or pays slip for the person to notify him that a tax must be paid for avoiding any further penalties. You can easily create one in Excel sheet by using a Tax Invoice Template or can download one from here.

Tax Invoice Template

Construction Invoice Template

A Construction Invoice Template is a document which is utilized by the contractors so that you can get an itemized bill for an individual or company which can be for the provided services and supplies that companies have produced. This document will also have the information related to the contractor’s terms of payment and other situations.

Construction Invoice Template

Consultant Invoice Template

This new Consultant Invoice will work perfectly with an IT consultant invoice template as it uses separate sections for any hourly charges and another type of fees, like as of equipment, parts or setup fees. It will use the new Bold and Light themes, and you can find both of the themes in one download. The work of consultants is to provide invoices for their clients to ensure the payments which are in full and prompt mode. If you are not having any invoice template for your business, then you might need to create a new consulting invoice which will make your work easy.

Consultant Invoice Template

Medical Invoice Template

A medical invoice template is one which is designed for any licensed professionals only who cares for the patients in any health-related field. Such designations include doctors (physicians), dentists, physical therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, chiropractors, and any other medical professional.

Consultant Invoice Template

How to Send an Invoice


It is not a difficult task for sending an invoice, in the world of technology you can use several methods for sending your invoice like through email, on social media like WhatsApp, through messenger, SMS or by any method you want. Apart from this, you can also provide a hard copy of the invoice to your customer without any problem.

Email Invoice Template

If you are wishing you mail your invoice then it is necessary to write the perfect format of an invoice which is suitable for mailing. If you do not know about how to write an invoice for mail then it will be best for you to use the below-provided email invoice templates which are free to use and easy to report.

We hope that you are going to like all of the above-provided templates and the best part is you need not spend your hard-earned money. So, enjoy the guide and use it for your betterment.